Майские соревнованиям - DIG Parties 2016 (SSB, CW)

Dear friends of DIG

may I invite you to take part in the DIG Parties 2016.

SSB is on the upcoming weekend March 12th and 13th.

CW is on the weekend April 9th and 10th.

The rules are unchanged since many years. For full information please have a look into the attached file.

If you have other friends that might be interested in DIG and award hunting, please do not hesitate to forward this invitation to them. We are more than happy about everyone who joines our activities.

vy 77

Werner, DH1PAL
DIG secretary

Правила соревнований DIG Parties


Contest period and preferred IARU contest frequencies:

Fone: Second full weekend in March

Saturday 12. März 2016   Sunday 13. März 2016
 1200 to 1700 14,125 to 14,300
21,150 to 21,350
28,300 to 28,700
   0700 to 0900 3,600 to 3,650 MHz
3,700 to 3,775 MHz
      0900 to 1100 7060 to 7100 kHz
7130 to 7200 kHz

CW: Second weekend in April

Saturday 09. April 2016    Sunday 10. April 2016
1200 to 1700 14,000 to 14,060
21,000 to 21,150
28,000 to 28,190
  0700 to 0900 3510 to 3560 kHz
      0900 to 1100 7000 to 7040 kHz


All licensed radio amateurs and SWLs are welcome.
SSB-Party and CW-Party are separate contests.


RS(T) and number of membership in DIG are exchanged. Non-members only report RS(T). A station
may only be worked once per Band. Contest call is: CQ DIG!


Fone, CW and SWLs entries are scored separately. Each contact with a member of DIG counts 10
points. Each contact with non-menbers counts one point.


The sum of DIG members worked, numbered consecutively. Each member is counted only once
regardless of bands. A second multiplier is the number of countries (DXCC and WAE country list)
worked on each band.

Final score:

The final score is computed by multiplying the sum of contacts by the sum of worked different DIG
members and countries worked.

Participation of SWL:

Each correct contact between two DIG members counts 10 points but with the same DIG member may
be logged only in 10 contacts. Each contact between DIG member and non DIG member counts one
point. Scoring and sum see above.

Cups, Trophies, Awards:

The winner will get an engraved cup. Second place to place 10 will be awarded with certificates. The
best YL of each contest part will get a special DIG Plaque. When we get more than ten logs from a
country, a special DIG Plaque will be given to each country winner. All other competitors will get a
commemorative QSL with statement of achieved result.

Log sheets:

You may make your own log sheets with these columns:
UTC•Call sent•received•band•QSO points•DXCC Land•DIG member
Original log sheets are available from DIG contest manager or DIG secretary with SAL and 1 IRC.
Electronical Logs in Cabrillo formate are welcome.


The final score of DIG-QSO-Party will be announced in the DIG-Nets and on this homepage immediately
after checking. Logs without scoring can be regarded only as check-logs.

Deadline for log entries:

Deadline for logs of a year’s DIG-Parties is May 31.

All logs must be sent to the DIG contest Manager:

Karl-Dieter Heinen, DF2KD - Postfach 221
D-53922 Kall oder per E-Mail an: df2kd(at)DARC.de


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