В эфире BS7H
(Scarborough Reef – 1994-2007)

Георгий Члиянц (UY5XE)

Справка: BS7H, в настоящее время, занимает 5-ю строку в «Списке наиболее востребованных “стран” по DXCC».

Справка: Scarborough Reef (a.k.a. Huang Yan Dao) is located at 15.1 North 117.5 East in the South China Sea and is more than 500 miles from mainland China. There have been four BS7H operations from Huang Yan Dao, which literally means Yellow Rock Islands. The first operation, which made about 2,000 QSOs, was in late June 1994 and did not count for DXCC. The second operation started on April 12, 1995 and ran for just under 4 days managing some 11,835 QSOs. This operation did count for DXCC. The third operation took place in late April and early May 1997 but came to a halt after just over 70 hours and 13,154 QSOs. This was when the Philippine Navy showed up and the Chinese ops agreed to leave. The fourth operation took place in May 2007 with 45,830 QSO's made.

Приавожу лицевую сторону QSL всех четырёх экспедиций:

BS7H 01:

BS7H 02

BS7H 03 

BS7H 04


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